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Named one of the 10 best indie games of 2019 by PAX, The Devil's Calculator is a non-profit, educational maths experience masquerading as a casual puzzle, featuring levels by some of the world's leading mathematicians including bestselling author and Guardian puzzle editor Alex Bellos, Grant Sanderson of the highly popular 3Blue1Brown YouTube channel, Numberphile's James Grime and many others. The game was named a fan favorite of GDWC,  is a shortlisted for a TIGA award and was celebrated at the MOVES conference by the National Museum of Mathematics in New York City.

An evil calculator has its normal arithmetic operators replaced with sadistically obscure functions. Based on machine learning concepts, players interpolate these functions  using sophisticated logic and reverse engineering. Rather than the typical scenario of "solving for X" in algebra, the operators themselves are a mystery. To calculate your perpetual goal of 666, you must strategically collect data and recognize patterns in the output of the calculator. Advanced graphing mechanics and deep integration with professional tools such as Wolfram and Weka help you in your journey and make the experience accessible, not mathematically erudite.  An in-depth level creation system for sharing with the online community guarantees hours of challenging and rewarding gameplay well after the main campaign.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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